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You may be asking yourself what makes me qualified to help you?
Well, I’ll start my introduction by saying I’ve spent 22 years in Prison; 15 of those years were in Federal, and half of that time I spent in Maximum Security.

I grew up in one of the nicest Cities in North America, known as St. Albert, Alberta Canada.

I have always been an introvert. I think about what I’m saying, before I say it. I pay attention to my surroundings.

I started my first Federal Sentence in Grande Cache, Alberta; it was a minimum security which I only lasted three months at before I was shipped to Drumheller. It was here that I was exposed to how Jail really worked. I was friends with Gangsters from the Native Gangs, to the Bikers. It was at this time that the Riot of 01’ happened. I watched a kid get murdered, for no other reason then his co-accused calling him a “Rat” – no paperwork was produced, and it was later found out that the guy calling this kid a “Rat”, was actually the “Rat” himself. It could have been avoided, if someone had been there to give “Jared” the knowledge and advice on how to curb the rumours. But in Prison, knowledge is hoarded like Gold, and not easily given away. It didn’t always use to be like that, until the long lasting effects of Meth emerged in the overall psyche of the population. Everyone is paranoid, and no one trusts the motives of his neighbour..

Prison is overflowing with drug addicts, who just a few years prior, where working with normal lives, before eventually starting to use Meth; and within a few short years, they found themselves living couch to couch, until finally going to Prison. I am a criminal who used drugs – but I don’t do crime for drugs. But Jail is full of addicts who are in there because they were doing crime to support their habits. They don’t have a Code of Conduct, and weren’t raised in the lifestyle. I can walk down the street, and have five different ways to make money. But the drug addicts go for the easy score, the ones where they will steal from friends and family first, slowly, or sometimes very quickly, burning their bridges, and losing the trust of all their friends and family, all because they only cared about that next high. Now, that’s the majority of people you’ll find in the Prison System. It’s the reason why Protective Custody is overflowing to the max, because these people allow themselves to get into debt, and having no real beliefs in the Code of Conduct amongst criminals, they flee into Protective Custody the first chance they get.

After the Riot of 01’, I sat in 23 and a half hour lockdown for 60 days, and was involuntarily transferred to Stony Mountain Institution, where I spent the next 18 months with Saskatchewan and Manitoba’s most prominent Gangs and there Leaders. I had friends from all the Gangs, and being white, was never asked to join, but frequently took payment to deport or punish their up and comers. It didn’t take long, I’d be sitting on the D Range, The S.H.U. range in Manitoba, then I was released in 2003, after 8 months in Segregation, I got my medium security back, but Stony wanted no part of me.

When I breached my Parole, and was sent back to Stony Mountain, they refused to take me, as did Drumheller, along with Bowden. After 3 places refuse to take you, your Probation Officer. has the power to override the institutions decisions, and can ultimately send you wherever they see fit. I asked to go to Bowden, I lasted two months before I was back in Segregation for an assault.. I was in Segregation my last 60 days, and was back on the street again, armed with more knowledge, I knew how the point system worked at this stage in my life, and realized that’s what controlled where you do your time. I understand the different Gangs, and know many of there members from Alberta across to Manitoba. I earned the respect from all these Gangs, and have no bad-blood between us.

I was out for 10 days, before deciding to rob 8 banks; where I received an 8 year sentence that I served in B.C., and I served 10 years straight before my next release. But I wasn’t able to stay out for longer than a couple months. I spent everyday of my 12 year sentence inside, where I learned how every part of the system works, most importantly, I learned how to stay alive, and not allow the Gangs to subject me to becoming a source of their income.

I have connections in every Prison from B.C. to Ontario. I know which Gangs are controlling the different Jails, and what their Racket is. I know how to keep yourself unnoticed, and how to properly conduct yourself, so you can do your time, and get out.

I can assist in cleaning up any bad press you may have attached to your name on Google, while also helping you to get Parole, and your Probation Officers support. . I’ll provide you with all the tools and knowledge you could possibly need to do your time as smoothly as possibly, while also helping you get in touch with the right support systems upon your release.