Upon clients completion of a short questionnaire, which can be completed over the phone, pricing for services can be calculated depending on your specific needs.

Serving across Western Canada.

For Personal Prisoner Counseling Services, Contact DeadEyes.NoLies Inc

Federal Prison Consultants
  • Our main goal, is to provide you with the tools & knowledge to do your time smoothly
  • Online image clean-up
  • Help lower security, advocate for parole and minimum security
  • Protection inside from extortion by gangs, by means of a bodyguard to eat with you, walk you to meals and train you in the gym(this option is only available for select individuals, depending which Jail they will be serving their time at.)
  • 24hr live help available -all you have to do is call
  • If facing institutional charges, a legal advocate will be available to you
  • One on one specialized consultation services
  • Pre – Release planning, job and housing confirmations if required
  • Help & Information available for your family & friends. How to visit, how add money into your account by using your Orca, adding funds to your phone account. Available to answer questions as they arise.
  • Pre-Sentenced Services
  • Street -Sentenced Services
  • Pen Services
  • Paroled – Halfway house Services
  • Pen Package Preparation

The Prep Package Includes the Following:

Federal Prison Consultants
  • Proactive preparation for the Pre Sentence Report,
  • Liaison with Defense Counsel (simplifying Legal jargon)
  • Set up rehabilitative programs and/or treatment – while on bail & post-incarceration
  • What to expect from the moment you are handcuffed and placed into custody: providing a clear visual of each step and detailed daily routines of applicable jail(s)/prisons
  • Explanation of legislative inmate rights – how they apply to you and your sentence & detailing rights protections services
  • The Correctional Assessment Process
  • How Institutional Placements work
  • Navigating Prison Politics and Institutional Subculture – Inmate Etiquette
  • Personal counseling services
  • Gain a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the prison experience